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Easy to use:

  • 'Always-on' technology. Ready to be used immediately.

  • Automatic self-check system between each measurement-

  • Screen based on symbols.

  • Factory calibrated with permanent calibration.  

Practical and portable:

  • Shows results in just one second.

  • Capillary, venous or arterial blood (collection tubes with EDTA or Heparin anticoagulant can be used).

  • Compact size, weighs only 185 grams.

  • Does not require maintenance. Performs the self-test automatically.

  • Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery (duration of 40 days or 10,000 tests of continuous use).

Accurate and reliable:

  • Photometric method, using a wide-spectrum photometer.

  • Operating ambient temperature 10°C - 35°C.

  • Measuring range: 0 - 25.5 g/dL.

  • Imprecision: CV <1%.

  • Calibrated according to the HiCN reference method according to ICSH (International Council for Standardization in Haematology).

Reagent-free microcuvettes:

  • Sample volume <10 μL.

  • Shelf life of up to 2.5 years, even after the bag has been opened.

  • Storage temperature: 0°C-50°C (-30°C - 70°C up to 24 hours).

  • Easy to handle with gloves.

  • CE Marking.

  • Manufactured in Germany.

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